NUR is proud to present the work of little artists in Alaverdi, Armenia! The paintings of children from the ages of 7-15 have successfully arrived to Washington State! Please come to enjoy their work representing the beauty of Armenia. Your presence at the event will encourage the children to work hard for their dreams. The first exhibition will take place in Bellevue, in cooperation with Armenian Cultural Association of WA (ACA).
Our exhibitions aim to share the wonderful work that children in Armenia produce. You may choose to purchase their beautiful paintings as well as support their endeavors you may do that during the event any time. We look forward to seeing you there!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this wonderful event and supported us in reaching out to the students in Lori, Armenia. On behalf of NUR board as well as the students, thank you for appreciating the hard work that the students had put in. Thank you for any and all contributions you made to help them continue their education in arts. We look forward to showing you the outcome of your support when we start packing the much needed art supplies for these young artists. Once again, thank you ACA (Armenian Cultural Association) for your partnership and support. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!