Education is liberation from poverty. With this in mind, NUR decided to contact El Hogar (The Home), a school in Honduras, to ask what they need most to keep children in school and off the streets. Their answer was simple: shoes. In the United States, shoes are a staple that may not be difficult for most to secure, but in Honduras shoes can make or break a child. For example, many times children cannot attend school because their school might be located ten miles away and their only means of transportation are their feet. Those who do attend school barefoot are at risk of injury, disease and soil-transmited infections. Basically, if these children do not have shoes, they cannot get educated and realize their potential to change the world. After learning of this need, NUR immediately connected with its network of friends, family, church members, and co-workers to help collect new or gently used shoes for this cause. NUR also decided they wanted to collect baby clothes and nursery essentials to help young families provide a better start for their newborn. In the end NUR was able to collect 100 pairs of shoes and 450 articles of baby clothes, which were delivered in person to El Hogar (The Home).