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NUR works to provide sustainable development projects in underrepresented communities where amenities, activities and funding is lacking.

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Every penny raised is put towards supporting individuals who need a helping hand to ensure that they can succeed in life.

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Our generous fundraisers hold fun days and sponsored events to raise awareness and funds for underrepresented youth. Why not join them? 

Our Vision

NUR aims to create a world with interconnected networks of communities by encouraging equal opportunities and shared access to resources.

Current Campaigns

Browse our current efforts and see what we are aiming to do.

Learn Armenian Online

Teaching second generation Armenians to speak their mother language is a great step towards making them feel at home and supported throughout their life.


What people say about us
NUR is a family-friendly nonprofit that reaches out to everyone in efforts to educate those who are deprived of opportunities for advancement. It has been the most rewarding experience for me and my family to make a positive difference in the world through this amazing organization. I highly recommend everyone to join the group and meet the board as well as the volunteers! All of them have a unique positive outlook, experience and most importantly the heart that it take to make a difference. Olga Martynova

Volunteer, USA

NUR is a fun, rewarding and educating platform for all! I love how every event is so educational, rich with inspiration, culture and positive energy. I have met the students who have benefited from the hard work of the team. I can confidently say that your donations are meeting the purpose in the most efficient and optimal way! Passion is what’s driving the board to make a difference and it’s lovely to see this organization grow and prosper. I highly recommend NUR for anyone who wants to make a difference! Jessica Roberson

Volunteer, USA

Great organization, great people! I have been part of many nonprofits, but NUR has my heart. It is run by people who have the most diverse backgrounds, yet they share the passion for making a difference. I have had the pleasure of volunteering and it has given me friends for a lifetime. I also love how the donations are handled and how there is virtually no overhead cost to ensure that the donated funds are directed toward their wonderful causes. If you are looking for an organization to volunteer or to make a difference, I highly recommend NUR!

Anahit Vardanyan

Volunteer, Armenia, Armenia

NUR (Northwest for Underrepresented Regions) was founded by passionate individuals from the Northwest who have meaningful international experience and contributed to the implementation of sustainable development projects in various underrepresented communities.

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